The Company


TMED was born out of the desire to consistently bring innovative products to the market. Since 1997, we have devoted ourselves to the research of new technologies for the development of products and services for the healthcare sector.

In addition to relying on a specialized structure as far as Biomedical Engineering, electrical-electronics, industrial design, and metallurgy are concerned, we also have qualified professionals available in the industrialization and commercialization of technological solutions, working in partnership with other companies of those areas.


To always be distinguished in our field by developing healthcare products and services that meet all of our clients’ needs and bring the highest levels of profitability and satisfaction to the collaborators: partners, employees and suppliers.


– To always be oriented towards God.
– To always be cordial, honest, sincere and frank in all communication.
– To have employees as partners of our enterprise.
– To find a permanent balance between the satisfaction of our clients and suppliers and the interests of TMED.
– To be committed to organizational learning.
– To promote constant reflection and establish attitudes that seek to create values.
– To exhaustively pursue the satisfaction of our clients’ customers.
– To adopt principles of constant improvement.
– To be conscious that nothing is definite.
– To have leadership in cost and distinction as our main targets.
– To continually seek to improve the quality of life.


The TMED that we desire is a solid, profitable, distinguished, competitive and energized company that seeks to enrich all with whom we interac