In addition to having a specialized structure in the areas of Biomedical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic, Industrial Designs and Metallurgy, the ADAH has trained professionals in manufacturing and marketing of technology solutions, working in partnership with other companies.

White Martins
The largest gas industry company in South America, present in nine countries of that continent. Allied to the American Praxair Inc., one of the three biggest gas companies in the world, White Martins is also the leader of the medical-hospital sector in Brazil.

Since 1915, AGA has produced and commercialized a full line of industrial and medical gases in Brazil. Allied to the German Linde and one of the three largest gas companies in the world, AGA has one of the biggest shares in the market of medical gases in Brazil.objetivos desta corporação.

A public company linked with the MCT (Ministry of Science and Technology), FINEP was created to institute the Fund for the Finance of Study Projects and Programs.

Agency for the development of business in the state of Pernambuco, responsible for the management of PRODEPE (program of tax incentive to companies).